Actionable Advice.

Product Office Hours is a free hour of consulting. 

We'll talk through whatever is keeping you up at night, from a tricky on-boarding flow, to scaling challenges, to bumps along the road to product market fit. 

You and your team will spend a full hour workshopping a specific product or design challenge. Learn what past attendees have workshopped.

We give advice you can act on today. We'll make sure you walk out the door knowing how to move forward. 

From Experts. For Startups.

We are fellow practitioners and startup veterans. We love solving problems in early stage companies. We aspire to do good things for good people who are working on hard problems. 

Are you a founder? A new product manager? Trying to get something off the ground? We want to help. 

No Cost. No Strings. Confidential.

Anything you share in Product Office Hours will be kept confidential.

There are no strings attached. If you want to learn more about what Pivotal Labs can offer, that's great! If not, that's fine too. We're confident you'll find value in value in the session, whatever the outcome.