Product strategy, marketing and growth advisory services for time-off tracking app Bindle.


Project Summary




Client Location

Santa Monica, CA.

Project Dates

Sep 2018 - Current

Project Summary

In-depth review of product strategy, marketing and growth for their SaaS product.

Project Goal

Gain traction in a very competitive landscape.

The Team

Product Labs - Los Angeles.

Product Labs Role

Product Labs provided product strategy, roadmapping and product advice for Bindle’s launch into the US market.


Project Highlights


Product strategy, marketing and growth advisory for time-off tracking app Bindle.

Finding traction in a competitive space

Working directly with co-founder Damien Bastin, Product Labs led the product marketing and growth strategy post the launch of Bindle's first time-off tracking application. This launch included the localization of Bindle across the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

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Inspired by Basecamp’s approach to building and iterating on products, SaaS based time-tracking app Bindle partnered with Product Labs to help them find product-market-fit in the competitive landscape that is HR software and time-off tracking.
— Daniel Harman, Principal