play for purpose

Product ideation, leadership, strategy and launch of Australia’s newest charitable lottery fundraising platform.


Project Summary



Play For Purpose

Client Location

Brisbane, Australia.

Project Dates

June 2017 - Current

Project Summary

Design, build and launch the Play For Purpose charity lottery platform.

Project Goal

To be the most efficient, trustworthy and fundraising effective charity platform in Australia.

The Team

Product Labs - Los Angeles.

Product Labs Role

Product Labs led the product design, development and ultimate launch of the Play For Purpose charity lottery fundraising platform.


Project Highlights


A game-changing charitable fundraising platform, designed to increase fundraising efficiencies.

Technology driven charitable fundraising

Working with Australian based not-for-profit startup, Play For Purpose (backed by TabCorp Holdings Limited), Product Labs designed, developed, launched and continues to manage the Play For Purpose charitable lottery fundraising platform.

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A fantastic project motivated by improving the efficiency and transparency of charitable fundraising in Australia. A win-win for all involved.