Product strategy, fundraising advice and product management for hospitality online training startup Typsy.


Project Summary




Client Location

Melbourne, Australia.

Project Dates

Jan - June 2018

Project Summary

Product strategy, fundraising advice and product management.

Project Goal

To help Typsy finalize their product strategy and product roadmap to assist with capital raising and ultimately build-out their Product team.

The Team

Product Labs - Los Angeles.

Product Labs Role

Together with the the founders of Typsy, Product Labs led the product vision, strategy and roadmap planning for Typsy that was a major driver in a successful second round raise of VC.


Project Highlights


Product strategy for a scalable, video training platform.

Strategy to deliver an on-demand, customizable platform.

Product Labs worked closely with the founders of Typsy, an Australian based online video training platform for the hospitality industry, to help them better understand their unique value proposition and plan a roadmap around delivering that to their customers. The outcome, a successful second raise of funding capital.

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Better understanding and being able to clearly articulate Typsy’s product vision, strategy and roadmap, was critical to Typsy’s successful venture capital raise in 2018.