OUR Services

Powering success and accelerating business growth through expert UX, product management, product training, design and software development services.


User & Market Strategy


user research

Do you know who your target audience is? How your users feel about your product? Using generative and evaluative research methods via surveys, interviews or focus groups, we will make sure that your product is addressing the needs of a reliable and engaged user base.

opportunity & Competitor analysis

Achieving market-fit is about knowing your users and having a unique value proposition. Let us conduct a product audit and market analysis to ensure your business is positioned uniquely in the marketplace and you have an addressable and monetizable market.


Product Management


Product vision, strategy and roadmapping

Need help achieving your business goals? Or devising a product strategy to deliver on your vision and execute to plan? With over a decade of experience defining product vision, strategy and roadmaps for startups and early stage businesses, we’ll help you find your way.

existing products

Let us help you gain control of the lifecycle of your product, its feature prioritization and, ultimately, its success. Our product managers will coalesce your stakeholders’ needs while triaging technical questions that arise during development. It’s scrum management x10.

Developing and building product teamS

We help growing businesses correctly develop, build and maintain their product team and function. Knowing what skills and when to hire are critical components in a startups team development and ultimate success.

Product ideation and validation

We have a sweet-spot for helping startups and early-stage businesses validate product and feature ideas, before investing in expensive design and technology builds .

Mentoring & product leadership

Leverage our years of product expertise via product mentoring, training and leadership services for your growing business. We offer in-house training as well as product leadership consultancy.

Pitch / investment deck review

Having reviewed hundreds of decks, and prepared many ourselves, we are in a great position to provide a deep-dive product-focused analysis of your investment / pitch deck before you start pitching. 

Investor Due Diligence

Cost effective product due diligence for VCs and investors wishing to have a professional assessment of the product vision, strategy and roadmap of investment opportunities.


Product Training


Targeted towards organizations who need a product sanity check or a bit of structure, our product training program guides and supports your team towards a focused approach on identifying and achieving your most important business needs.


Access to an extensive product training library, dedicated Slack channel and product reference materials including recorded webinars and Q&A sessions.


UX & Design


wireframing, USER Flows & Screenmaps

Before you can run you have to walk and these UX assets are a must-have entry point before realizing your UI vision. Wireframes capture technical requirements, user flows guarantee business logic and screenmaps make sure all user states are accounted for.

user testing

Are your business goals being reached in an intuitive, simplistic way for your users? Can we optimize critical pathing? We have seen our clients improve their KPI metrics based on the hypothesis-driven approach to our user testing.

UI Design

We work with talented designers that not only specialize in product design, but bring forth experience in marketing and branding. Understanding the business holistically, our designers convey your values while meeting user needs in a simplistic, elegant solution.


Enliven your wireframes or UI for user testing and investment pitching. By enabling this interaction, we identify where the primary user goals are getting lost in the design and where pathing falls short. Prototypes help developers understand the high level of the product more.


Software Development


mobile app development

For businesses already existing on native iOS and Android, or those looking to leverage mobile device capabilities, our engineers will work with your codebase to deliver you safely into the app stores.

marketing site, frontend development

All companies need an enterprise and investment-friendly site, and a location for landing pages to drive downloads and acquisition. Let’s get your brand out there with a mobile-friendly web presence.

web app development

Using the latest frameworks, progressive and hybrid approaches, our developers are experts in delivering cross-browser compatible apps. Web apps are a great MVP option that employ SEO and targeted advertising acquisition channels.

backend development

From micro-services to APIs and scalable platforms, our developers are proficient in a variety of coding methodologies to make sure your frontend clients are consistent.


Quality Assurance & Testing


quality assurance

Integral to the product lifecycle and quality of your code, our QA engineers organize their manual testing around a framework of test cases ready to tackle your most important features.

test automation

Support your engineering team’s efforts of continuous development with a sustainable testing framework across all platforms.