product management as a service

Access expert product managers when you need it

We created our subscription-based product management service to enable startups and early-stage businesses gain access to expert product management when they need it, at a flexible, cost effective price.


Collective Minds

Access a dedicated team of product professionals with over 30 years of collective product management experience.

Immediate Value Add

Partner with a team of product professionals that will hit the ground running and add value immediately to your product or project.

Flexible, Known Costs

A pay-as-you-go model for product management, with no commitment and a flexible, cost effective pricing model.


Objective insight

An external, experienced product management lens for your product or project, providing objective clarity to your current challenges.

Adaptive to Change

A model aligned with you and adaptive to your changing product needs. Startups are inherently fluid as too is our PMaaS offering.

Latest Approach

Leverage our experience and bring to your startup the latest product management methodologies, frameworks and tools.